White Coat, Black Hat

Don’t mess with Canada

Sorry for our brief shutdown last night. Our server crashed under the weight of all the traffic from angry Canadians, furious over rumours of Carl Elliott's disrespecting Canada. Carl has cancelled his remaining Canadian dates, claiming he has the "flu" (Walk it off, crybaby!).

Meanwhile, a movement is afoot to have a public burning of White Coat, Black Hat in front of the parliament buildings in Ottawa.  Except for one problem: YOU CAN'T GET IT IN THE BOOKSTORES THERE.  Seriously, check the Chapters website and see how many copies are in the stores.

So instead, Canadians will have to vent their anger by checking out copies from their local public library, burning them and reporting them lost.

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Dr. BFD does Canada

"Would you say that to Walker Percy?"

"Would you say that to Walker Percy?"

Carl Elliott condescends to speak with the CBC, despite his clear hatred of all things Canadian.  Man, what a dick.  Check out the recording on Quirks and Quarks.


Finally! Dr. Chicken Gets the Grill

Grilled ChickenAfter weeks of dodging his brother's phone calls, Carl Elliott finally sat down for an interview. No more pansy softball questions; this time he has to answer the tough ones. Read the full text here.

Thanks to everyone who responded to our video-stalking challenge.  I'm pretty sure it did the trick.

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I’m just saying . . .

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"Hi, you've reached Carl Elliott.  If you're Terry Gross, please leave a message. The rest of you can go suck it."

Is that what he thinks?


What is he afraid of?

FearCarl Elliott won't agree to an interview with his brother.  What is he afraid of?  If you live in Minneapolis and have a camera phone, get him on video and make him explain why he doesn't return phone calls. Send your videos to info@whitecoatblackhat.com

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