March 11th, 2024

Praise for White Coat, Black Hat:

“Is this thing any good?  Beats me.  Maybe at some point, you will actually pick up one of those copies in your dining room and mail it to me.  Then, maybe after I’ve read the book, I can come up with some web content for you.  Can you manage that?  Oh, right, I forgot:  That would cost you money.”
– B. Elliott

“Carl, I am already out of oxycontin. Can I review another one of your books? Please?”
Jack Hitt, contributing editor for This American Life and author of Off the Road

“You are one cold-blooded fucker and I’m going to make you pay. See you in court, asshole.”
– unsigned

“Rambling and disorganized. Have you ever thought about writing an outline?  We wish you luck in the future”
– Every English-language publisher except Beacon (paraphrase)

“Carl, we are so proud of you.  I do wish you could have found a better picture, though.  When was the last time you had your hair cut?”
– Mama

“Anybody victimized by this book is invited to a 10% discount at Big Fish Auto Sales, 1414 Francis Marion Highway, Greenville, SC.  One Mile South of Stuckey’s.  Come check our quality autos at low prices.”
-Donald Raney, Owner, Big Fish Auto Sales

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