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Carl Elliott snubs Canadians

September 25th, 2010
How Carl sees Canada

How Carl sees Canada

We already know that some marketers like to distance their products from certain clientele, to avoid possibly “tainting” the brand. That said, could this explain why White Coat, Black Hat is not on the shelves at a single outlet of Canada’s largest book retailer? A search on the Chapters/Indigo website turns up zero copies in store in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver.  Zip, zilch, nada.

The reason? Carl Elliott hates Canada. Can’t stand the place, doesn’t want any Canadians to be seen reading his book.  And yes, this is bigoted.  If you are Canadian, write him right now and demand to know why he hates Canada so much that he doesn’t want his book sold there. And for God’s sakes, don’t buy that book. Or, maybe buy the book and get photographed with it just to annoy him.   I don’t know; you decide.


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