White Coat, Black Hat

Defending the Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs"Hey, everybody, look at me. I've got tenure and you suck. Want to watch me make fun of my employer? I can do that! They make money, so they must be criminals. My book is on Amazon, by the way. Have you read it? It's only $15.52."
-Carl Elliott

Today we are treated to the sad spectacle of Dr. BFD acting out his grudges against the productive class in his review of Benjamin Ginsburg's new book, The Fall of the Faculty.

What's all too clear is that, as a pampered member of the academic elite, Carl resents the democratization of education that we've seen over the last few years. The marketplace is finding less and less room for overpaid academic middlemen like him standing between the students, who pay the money, and the administrators, who take it.

Somebody moved your cheese, buddy--move on.

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