White Coat, Black Hat

Things you can buy for the cost of Carl’s book, part 14

Sow in Heat Urine

Sow in Heat Urine

A spray bottle of Sow in Heat Urine! This goes for $13.19 online, only three dollars more than the cost of Carl's paperback on Amazon.  Now, I can't possibly be the first person to say that Carl Elliott's White Coat, Black Hat isn't worth a warm bottle of hog piss, but I may just be the first to offer market-based evidence.  And really, which would you rather have?

Get a hunting rifle, spray some of this on your clothes, and rutting boars will come at you like left-wing hippies to a Carl Elliott lecture. You'll eat all winter long on that.  On the other hand,  spend that money on White Coat, Black Hat, and you'll just be left with that same old empty feeling in the pit of your stomach.

$13.19 from CodeBlueScents.com.  Get you some.

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