White Coat, Black Hat

I am the Ethicator and I approved this message

Brokeback PerryIn his reccent interview with Misha Angrist, Carl Elliott says:  "You're calling me an ethicist?  Man, that hurts."

You know, I'm not ashamed to admit that I am a bioethicist. But you don't need to be at grand rounds every week to know there's something wrong when pious, sermonizing blowhards can openly trash their hardworking, patriotic brothers and colleagues, while these brave men and women can't openly admit to being ethicists without being ridiculed.

The Ethicator stands against Carl Elliott's war on bioethics and the medical profession.  I am committed to bringing people together, breaking down the silos between the ethicists who so bravely do the work, and the commercial interests who so generously fund it.

h/t Rick Perry

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