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Too rich to take pharma money?

April 24th, 2011

Guess who showed up at a conference of Big Pharma marketers in Boston and was too pious to take money from them? I’ll give you a hint: He doesn’t pay for his web content.

Thanks, Carl, not only for stiffing your brother, but for driving down the market value of ethicists everywhere. The next time one of us gets asked to work for free, we know who to blame.

The talk, in case readers are wondering, was classic Carl, meaning it went on for hours, like Chavez at a UN meeting.  Fortunately, the audience was spared any discussion afterward. One blogger characterized the talk as one-sided and depressing, but was intrigued by his brother’s searing, truth-speaking twitter feed.  “Maybe the brother should speak at the conference next year to share his perspective?”

Why yes, I accept. My rider includes Wild Turkey and percocet, but other than that, I still come fairly cheap. See you next year!


  1. Puzzled
    April 25th, 2011 at 12:21 | #1

    I’m confused. How come he doesn’t have fangs and a hairy face in this picture?

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