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sibling rivalryA great friend of the blog has just passed on to me an interesting article from the peer-reviewed academic journal, Homicide Studies. Titled "Siblicide and Seniority" the article studies cases of siblicide from Canada, Great Britain, Japan and Chicago and observes:

The tendency for the killer to be the younger party was especially true of cases in which victim and killer were same-sex adults and, especially, brothers close in age.

It's an interesting observation, and reminds me of my own personal research on this area. I've observed that older siblings are more inclined toward certain psychopathic tendencies, and are much more likely to engage in cultural and spiritual siblicide -- i.e., soul-crushing acts of humiliation on the younger sibling, a complete indifference to siblings' financial plight, and of course, a self-aggrandizing need to pass off others' work as one's own.

Not that this should remind you of anybody we know.

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