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This Gun for Hire

This Gun for Hire

When I first got snookered into writing this blog more than six months ago, it never crossed my mind that it would turn me into a bioethics sensation. To those of you who've been visiting my blog, those of you who have not been buying Carl's book -- you are all heroes.

Still, my work here is far from done -- and as you may not know, I write this blog for nothing. Seriously, bupkis. And what chance does bupkis have against the Carl Elliotts of the world: tenured professors living high on the hog, double-fisting paychecks from the New Yorker and the Atlantic just for making hard-working people look bad?

It's time this site had corporate support. We're seeking sponsors. Who wants to step up to the plate?

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  1. Alcoholics anonymous & lonely hearts dating service chapter #234 of Cleveland Ohio would like to sponsor a blood drive and bake sale in your honor…..We are always looking for some younger sibling crying whiner & certified loser we can help get back on his feet……please call us @ 1 866 Get-alife

  2. I’m aiming a little higher than that these days, but I hear there’s an embittered bioethicist, crushed over tanking sales of his book, who might be interested.


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