White Coat, Black Hat

Cain and Abel

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  1. now its getting a little sad. You know, there might be a drug that can help you with your feelings of inadequacy towards your brother.

    • No thanks, bourbon and percocet do me just fine, thank you very much. Hey, maybe there’s a drug for your buddy, Dr. BFD — something that will reduce his desire to smite his own brother for profit, stealing his ideas and then failing to mention him once in his half-assed book. This video brings it all into focus, I’d say. What do you have against the Bible?

      • Leviticus ruined all my fun. I wonder if the younger Baldwin brothers have sites like this, it could be a new market craze. You should market some B. Elliot T-shirts and sell them here on the site, they could say “The Original Elliot”

  2. It is widely known that Alec Baldwin’s speech in Glengarry Glenn Ross was in fact lifted from his more talented younger brother, Stephen. The t-shirt idea sounds good, but I think I prefer the slogan “Leviticus ruined all my fun.”

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