White Coat, Black Hat Adventures on the Dark Side of Medicine


Things you can buy for the cost of Carl’s book (part 10)

Yodeling Lederhosen with sausage remote

Grab that sausage and make the pants sing!

Remote-controlled, yodeling lederhosen!  Just squeeze that fat, orange sausage, and a pair of disembodied pants will dance a jig and sing a merry Alpine tune.

A challenge:  Take one of these to your next bioethics conference, along with a copy of White Coat, Black Hat, and see which is a bigger hit.  I think we both know the answer.

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  1. He was holding what looked like a bulbous tool with something that was heart shaped on the other end of it. It looked a little like one of those tiny screwdrivers, but a bit longer and more bulbous at the opposite end. Since Thanksgiving was a recent historical nightmare with me trying to cook my first turkey, it reminded me of a turkey baster, only not as long and again, even more bulbous at the opposite end

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