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The New Yorker?! Oh, for the love of God!

This week's New Yorker cover

The New Yorker

Note to aspiring writers out there:  If you ever hire (sorry:  VOLUNTEER) a family member to set up a website telling everybody how great you are, and how much everybody loves your book, and then somehow you get published in some big fancypants magazine – well, you might want to tell said Family Member about the article sometime before it disappears from the newsstands.  Your Family Member does not sit around all the goddamn day googling your name to see if anything interesting shows up.  This is what we call WEB CONTENT.  You publish something, you post it on your website, people go out and buy the magazine.  Then you can go out and use the money to buy trinkets.  Is that hard?

It’s not like the Family Member will not learn about your article eventually.  At Thanksgiving, for example, or at Christmas dinner, or every friggin time he calls home, he will hear that you published something in the New Yorker.  That’s understood.

Whatever.  Anyway, here’s Carl's article in the New Yorker. It's an abstract.  You have to pay for the full thing.

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